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Conklin’s antique carnival, Calgary Stampede, Alberta, Canada

Posted by razzbuffnik on May 4, 2007

For the 50th anniversary of Conklins Shows (they used to be the largest travelling amusement company in North America) in 1978, an “antique carnvial” was set up as a carnival within a carnival.  The antique carnival had rides and games from 1928.  All us staff were given period costumes and haircuts from the 20’s.  It was a blast! We did the Calgary Stapede and the CNE in Toronto. Below is one of the ride jocks in costume in front of an authentic 1928 ride called the whip (a predecessor of the octopus) at the Stampede.


1978 was a great year at Conklins.  After Toronto the “Antique Carnival” was put back into storage and the rest of the carnival (me included) headed south into the US and then onto Peurto Rico where I met up with the guys from “Laser 1”.


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