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Hey! Little girl! Wanna pat my snake? Castle Hill, Sydney, Australia

Posted by razzbuffnik on May 6, 2007

On the way home from flying our kite today, my wife and I saw a frog and reptile show being advertised from the roadside at the Castle Hill Showground so we thought we’d have a look.  Basically it was a sort of trade fair for frogs and reptiles.  There were plenty of cold blooded animals on display and for sale. Both my wife and I found the experience quite odd.  It had never occured to me that there was a whole industry built around frogs and reptiles.  There were snake handling displays and places where you could handle snakes if you wanted to.


The little girl is patting a “Centralian Carpet Python” Morelia bredli.  The amazing thing, besides the girl’s total lack of fear, was how docile the snake was considering how warm the temperature was.  I got within about 10cm (approximately 4″) of the snake to take the picture below, with flash, and it didn’t move a muscle.


The snake was so exquisite that I found it easy to understand why people wanted to be near them. It was like a living jewel.

There was a teen aged guy minding the snake and I asked him about feeding the snake and if it was difficult to buy live food for them.  I was told one could train most snakes to eat dead mice or rats that could be bought frozen from select pet suppliers.  Sure enough there was even a stand that had bags of frozen mice and rats for sale.


Who would’ve thought? Goes to show what a diverse world we live in.


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