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Eating at the bull fights. Plaza de Toros, Mexico City, Mexico

Posted by razzbuffnik on May 7, 2007

I had read “Death in the afternoon” by Hemingway so I knew that I didn’t want to see a bullfight in person. Unfortunately when I was in Mexico in 1983 I was traveling with a woman who insisted that she wanted to go to a bullfight.  I explained how horrific it would be and said I didn’t want to go; she said she’d go alone, so I went with her. Any guy who has traveled in a Latin American country with a blond will know why.

The bullfights were at the vertiginous Plaza de Toros (the largest bull ring in the world). It was the off-season so we saw only the tyros and macho soap opera actors kill bulls very badly. I found the experience distressing so I kept looking around at the audience, which was interesting in it’s own right.  It blew me away that there were little kids with their parents ringing large hand held bells and braying for blood. Olé! Olé!


 Walking up and down the isles were vendors hawking hot-dogs (at least I think they were hot-dogs). So while one watched bulls being tortured and stabbed to death, matadors being gored in the backside or having their arms broken as they ran from the bulls, one could eat some mystery meat in a bun.  After a couple of hours I left the Plaza de Toros, with my very pale and quiet traveling companion, my head in a spin at all the gore. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have made a very good Roman.


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