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Climbing Eurydice. Arapiles, Victoria, Australia

Posted by razzbuffnik on May 8, 2007

When Tim Allen and I first went rock climbing at Arapiles in 1993 the climb “Eurydice” just stood out from the wall of stone known a Bards buttress and called to us. Eurydice is a 100m (about 300ft) classic grade 18 (US 5.10a; UK E1; Fr 6a+) that follows a strong line with plenty of exposure. It’s not that it’s a particularly difficult climb, it’s just a beautiful climb on hard rock with lots of good places for protection. As a matter of fact it’s probably in my top five favorite climbs that I’ve ever done. It’s just about got every type of climbing you could ask for. The only thing missing is “smearing”, but hey, it’s not sloping granite, it’s vertical quartzite, a hard metamorphosed sandstone. Tim led and I seconded. The first photo is of Tim leading half way up the first pitch


In the next photo you can play “spot the climbers”.


Tim and I are in the top right corner. I’m belaying whilst sitting as Tim leads up the little over hanging crux. If you can’t locate us I’ve put a close up below.



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