All the dumb things

A cautionary tale in development


This blog will be about my various interests (I know…. how original) and I will also be writing a book on-line.

My interests include:
Art… I have a few artist friends and I buy art occasionally (usually non figurative landscapes)
Cooking… I do all the cooking at home for my wife and I.  I particularly like barbequing and throwing dinner parties
Carpentry… I used to be a set carpenter in the theatre and I make my own furniture
Gardening… Because I like to cook I also like to use fresh home grown vegetables
Kites… I’ve liked kites from since I was a child.  Now that I’m older I’ve started making more complicated kites
Music… I’m tired of Rock and I don’t like most Rap or C&W.  I tend to listen to Chill Out, Regae, Jazz and World music.
Photography… I studied photography at art college and worked in commercial photography as an assistant
Theatre… I go to the theatre several times a year with my wife and her parents
Travel… I lived overseas for 11 years and I usually go abroad once a year (sometimes more, sometimes less)

When I write about my interests I will try to explain how I did things with either plans, recipes or tips.

My online book will be about my younger years when I did so many dumb things, it’s a wonder I’m still alive. Hopefully they will be seen as amusing cautionary tales.


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